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Language Barriers In Animal Caretaking

We all know that animals can’t really speak English, nor any other language.  However that doesn’t stop us from communicating with them. Animals are therefore key in certain studies of linguistics.  It’s interesting to see how studies have shown that humans make similar sounds to animals in order to get them to do certain things, […]

Passwords And Encryption

The old native state of stored data (and even data nowadays on unencrypted drives) was creating a sensitive situation for government computers.  This is where the boost of encryption really got underway as more and more connectivity was gained between computer systems and more security was needed to prevent hacking situations. It’s a very interesting […]

Combat Animals Of The Future?

If you’re into the tech sphere you may know about the different mechs that the US Army is putting together for the army of the future.  

Zoo Security Came A Long Way

In terms of zoo security, things are only just now reaching new highs.  It was an antiquated system at best that contained even the most vicious animals.  It’s interesting to look back in terms of how computer security evolved in order to ensure that nobody was able to reach into the minds of these computers […]